Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen: Top 5 scariest rides!

Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen: Top 5 scariest rides!

So I gave you guys some tips on what to see and do the first 2 days in Copenhagen.
You can read my 48 hours City Guide here …but for the ones who love amusement parks, I would recommend you all to spend a day at Tivoli Gardens!

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Even though I can be a scaredy cat sometimes, I do love scary and exciting rides! Below I will sum up my top 5 rides at Tivoli Gardens.

I will give a description and a number from 1 to 10 accordingly the scariness, speed, dizziness and awesomeness.


Practical information:

But first some basic information you need to know before you go.

The park is not that big, and right in front of the Central Train Station.

Opening hours:
Can vary, but usually 11 am til 11 pm. To be sure, better to check their site here.


You can choose from several options. You can only pay the entrance (which varies each season) , and pay separate ride tickets. Or you can choose for the unlimited rides like we did.

The rides are divided in 3 groups. First are the rides that only need one ride ticket (25 DKK), second need 2 ride tickets (50 DKK), and the  third need 3 ride tickets (75 DKK).

If you want to do all the fun and exciting rides, and you are not doing small children rides, I would highly suggest to opt for the unlimited rides entrance ticket. It was 375 DKK, so about 50 euros, when we went. Which in our opinion is pretty expensive for an amusement park. Although I must say we really enjoyed it. So it’s worth it.

Tivoli Gardens Map


Top 5 rides of Tivoli Gardens

So from less scary to most scary… here we go…


1 The Star Flyer

Scary because it was so high (80 meters), and you literally just sit in a chair! The chains are not so thick and the fear of heights really got to me when we went up.

I’ve been in spinning chairs like this before, but they were much lower. So if you are a bit scared of heights as I am, this is a good way to start to get rid of that!

Scary scale: 7/10
Speed scale: 6/10
Dizziness scale: 4/10
Awesomeness scale: 6/10


2 The Demon

The Demon is a looping attraction that is fast ( 77 km / hour) and goes overhead. I like rides like this, but it is not THAT scary yet.

Just the excitement gets you fired up. Too bad it only last about 40 seconds.

Scary scale: 7/10
Speed scale: 7/10
Dizziness scale: 5/10
Awesomeness scale: 7/10


3 Aquila

This attraction didn’t look like much at first. But when I got a closer look at it I saw how dizzy I could get in this one! You step in an eagle (Aquila means eagle in Latin) as you set off to fly.

You can really feel the G forces in this one. You go overhead and sometimes it seems like you hang there for a while and then you turn  to the sides again and go lower.

Scary scale: 7/10
Speed scale: 8/10
Dizziness scale: 7/10
Awesomeness scale: 8,5/10


4 The Golden Tower

I will admit. I tried to escape from this one! Just by looking at it I felt my stomach hurt.

Nothing much to describe really… You just go up (63 meters) and YOU DROP DOWN.

When it was our turn, going up gave me the chills and when you reach the top you hear a loud machine blowing sound. From that point you know it is 10 seconds before you fall! Yes I counted when we were in line! I had to prepare myself. I wasn’t the only one, because the guys next to me were counting out loud! and then BAMMM DOWN YOU GO. It really felt like my soul escaped my body for a short while. Then you bounce half way up again and all the way down where it finish.

Scary scale: 8/10
Speed scale: 8/10
Dizziness scale: 4/10
Awesomeness scale: 9/10


5 Vertigo

So you guys… we waited sooo long for this one… We actually had a time to leave to take our plane back home but we were half way the line, but we decided to stay. BEST DECISION EVER.

I have to tell you this attraction scared me so much just looking at it, but I HAD TO TRY IT.

So basically you have 2 airplanes for 4 people each (explains the long wait as only 8 can go at once). Before you enter you choose your direction: forwards or backwards. We didn’t want to risk much, so we took forwards. So at first it does two 360 degrees laps of just swirling around from the sides. THEN it straightens up and it accelerates up to 100 km/ hour ! You really feel that G forces on you. Try to hold your head back because it is hard to put it back in when you stick them out.

I must say this is one of the most special attraction I’ve been in! That is way it is on our number one of Tivoli Gardens! Just amazing!

Scary scale: 9/10
Speed scale: 10/10
Dizziness scale: 9/10
Awesomeness scale: 9,5/10


More tips and rides


You won’t get hungry in Tivoli Gardens my friend, as there is food all around. And the quality isn’t as shitty as most of amusement park food is either. There is even a Wagamama and Joe and Juices.

There are also many many cute themes restaurants and lots of food stands spreaded inside. We ate at wagamama and had this Nutella Pancake with soft ice cream as dessert! It was so sticky but oh so delicious.


Other fun rides

The monsoon

Didn’t make it to the top 5 because the Star Flyer was just so damn high! But this kind of ride is a more fun and relaxed type of ride for me.  First it moves from left to right, getting higher every time until it makes a full circle. It also turns direction at some point.

Fata Morgana

This ride was high, but not really scary fast. You sit in a circle and go all the way up where you then just spins around. There is a “kids” version of it with animal shaped cars, where you are safer inside. Still a fun ride.

Bumping cars

I will do the old school bumping cars anywhere! I just love it. Go ahead and call me a big kid now because I added one “simple” ride to the parade.


It was a very fun day! Even if I had a feeling of ” For this money it better be worth it!!” But it sure was!

I loved how small and charming Tivoli Gardens was. It was also very well thought out, with fun themes everywhere from Asian town, to Arabian town, to European ( French/ Italian ) and so on… a really fun day out!




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