Spa experience at the Hacienda na Xamena in Ibiza

Spa experience at the Hacienda na Xamena in Ibiza

Last July my friend Karen and I went to Ibiza on a girls trip. There we decided to have a relaxing day for ourselves, away from the busy party touristic places. Our pick was the spa in the hotel: la Hacienda na Xamena. Maybe you have already seen it in pictures online…

Where is la Hacienda na Xamena located?

The Hotel Hacienda is located in the northern part of Ibiza. It was built on top of a cliff, 180 meters above the sea level and surrounded by a Mediterranean pine tree forest and different types of plants and flowers.

It is about 30 minutes from the airport, in na Xamena San Miguel. You have to drive up the mountains for a short while before reaching the entrance.

Getting to know the hotel a bit

The hotel was built by Polish-born Belgian architect Daniel Lipszyc and his wife in the 70’s. Ibiza used to be much more isolated from the world than it is now with just one ferry a week from the mainland Spain. This made Ibiza a perfect hippie island, a period which the Hacienda find its origin in.

They have 77 rooms and suites that you can choose from, all having its own jacuzzi and a spectacular ocean view. Other than just rooms you can find meeting rooms, two restaurants, a cocktail bar,  a tennis court, several terraces with sundeck chairs, fitness, business centers,… and much more.

Hidden Paradise

When you arrive at the entrance, you can’t imagine how big the resort is. By the first look you only see a little house. But when you enter you will realise how huge the 5 star hotel actually is. Surrounded by the most beautiful scenery and with a decoration in perfect harmony with that surrounding nature, I found la Hacienda to be a true hidden paradise.

The hotel has beautiful relaxing areas, including a lovely patio in the middle behind the reception. The way it is built makes it feel like a little maze with beauty all around. There is also a great amphitheatre overviewing the sea that you can book for events!


The hotel has 3 pools: two outside ones and one indoor. The views, like everywhere really, is amazing and the pool area is super relaxing with several lying chairs, sofas, pillows and palm trees!


Rooms with private pool

If you want to stay here in full privacy, while enjoying your own private mini pool on top of your jacuzzi, you should book an Eden room. As you see on the pictures below.

Their bigger rooms like the Suite Junior Eden, 60 square meters, and the Na Xamena Suite, 80 square meters, also have mini private pools off course.



Which spa treatments do they have?

La Posidonia Spa is a place at the Hacienda na Xamena dedicated to your spiritual and physical well being. You can fully relax your mind and your body in one of their special treatments rooms.

Indoor treatments

You can choose between several facial and corporal treatments and massages, ranging of soothing to detoxing to restructuring anti-aging treatments.

If you have an area you want to pay more attention to, they also have: pain relief massage for the back, specific hair and scalp treatments, rejuvenating eyes treatment, feet reflexology, exfoliation for hands and feet, special swollen and heavy legs treatments, and so on..

The Cascadas Suspendidas

They outdoor treatment is the reason we went there in the first place!

The Cascadas has been especially designed for La Posidonia Spa with the idea of having a therapeutic treatment in a fun and playful way.

It’s an exclusive 8 bubble bath circuit that includes waterfalls, water jets and bubbles from head to toe, all heated in different temperatures. You start in pool number one and when the bubbles finish you go on to the next pool you hear the bubbles popping.



In their restaurant, with the motto: “Healthy and Fun”, you can have your pica-pica. (or lunch and dinner if you wish to add it after your treatment)

This is a mix of small healthy snacks and a delicious smoothie. The chef will prepare this with local markets’ organic products, paying attention to every detail.


They have many packages to chose from. You can have a mix of whatever you like or have time for, starting from 60 minutes to 150 minutes. Off course you can combine several for a longer spa day.

For example the outdoor treatment Cascadas Suspendidas with pica pica or with lunch/ dinner. And if you like, you can add an indoor relaxation treatment to it as well!

For all their packages and prices, take a look on their site.

My experience

During our visit we got a tour around the hotel and got to see an Eden room and its private pool.  After that we choose the Cascadas Suspendidas with the pica-pica treatment to relax.

Their outdoor pool spa is amazing. Not do you only have a beautiful view, it is a perfect way to relax with a friend or a partner.

The circuit makes it more fun and the next bubble bath is always a surprise. My favourite was the waterfall bath, where you can feel it as a back massage… so good.

It is a place to fully relax, so you can not take photos or videos during the treatment. Best way to enjoy is putting down the phones anyway! I also loved their decoration, it’s simple and cozy. You could compare it like  a mix of hippie style and Arabic.

The pica-pica was delicious. They vary the menu off course, but we had this pineapple mint smoothie and a special gazpacho soup, a local cheese/tomato stick and a salmon with cream cheese roll. All of it was very fresh making it more enjoyable.

If you are in Ibiza, and want to have a break in the partying and fully relax, or if it is all about the relaxation for you, then their spa is definitely worth booking.


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Disclaimer: Post written in collaboration with the Hotel, respecting the copyrights © Hacienda Na Xamena, Ibiza  © La Posidonia, Spa, Ibiza  © Edén Restaurante & Lounge, Ibiza


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