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Ahoy matey! ~ Ever went sailing? I never did! But when I had the chance to join a sailing trip in Mallorca with In Adventures, I didn’t think twice! Are you looking to go on a sailing trip yourself on this beautiful island? Read why In Adventures could be the perfect fit for you…

What is In Adventures Travel?

In Adventures is a newly founded sailing company located in the Spanish island of Mallorca.

Their goal is to connect modern eco-explorers interested in healthy organic and local food,  yoga and outdoor excercise trough a 4 days/3 nights sailing adventure around Mallorca.

Each boat has spots for 8, so 16 persons on each trip. The cabins are for double use, but you can also book a cabin all for yourself.


The itinerary


Depending on the course of the ship, you will leave from the port in Palma de Mallorca. From there you will sail half of the island all the way to your destination port of Porto Cristo.

Sailing depends a lot of the wind and weather, but daily you will sail for 3 hours or more. Stops can also vary , but they are likely to be:

  • Cala vella: swim stop
  • Es Trenc: paddle surf, kayak
  • Cabrera National park: hiking
  • Cala Marmols: secluded bay, cliff jump
  • Cala Varques: hiking, abseiling, cave exploration

Day schedule

A short day schedule would be:

08:oo – Yoga
09:00 –  Breakfast
10:00 – Adventure and sailing
14:00 – Lunch
15:00 – Explore or relax
18:00 – Sunset sail and lesseon
21:00 – Dinner


The activities during the trip

Now a little more information about what you can do during this sailing trip.


Around 8 to 9 a.m. you start your day with yoga. Nothing better to start your day with a relaxing workout!

If you are a yoga lover, you will still be challenged. How so? Well… yoga on the boat for example. I must say it was a very nice and unique experience.

Depending on where you anchor, yoga could be on the beach or the port as well.

A shout out to our yoga instructor that became a friend along the way Davin! He came all the way from Qatar and shared one of my best yoga sessions yet.


During each time the boat sails, you can learn the basics of sailing yourself and help the skipper along the way. If you dare, they even allow you to go up the mast! Just imagine the view from there…

Now I have to admit I didn’t really learn much of the sailing, because I was always socialising with our fun group or relaxing on the deck.

Relaxing or picture taking

So rather than sailing I preferred the relax and picture taking part…

Come on you are on a BOAT, surrounded with beautiful 50 shades of blue and the sun shining warmly above you. It is the best combination to take some beautiful shots and just take some resting time and enjoy the sailing, with minimum effort.

Btw.. meet my crew, the best bunch of girls…and boys I ever met. The skippers Pau and Hugo were the most fun people ever! Our hostess Cara did a great job too! You will never have to worry for dull sailings with these pros.



Enjoying sunrises and sunsets

An other part that is not really on the program explicitly, but is worth mentioning is being able to watch sunsets and sunrises from the boat.

No need to explain in words how lovely the colours were. Waking up at 6 a.m. could be worth it!


Cliff jumping

If you are not afraid of jumping off a cliff into the sea, you will definitely like this! The skippers will make sure to find a spot you can safely jump from. What a great way to rush the adrenaline!


For the hiking lovers, there are two short hikes we did that I liked. One being the hike to the Castle of the Cabrera National Park. Depending on the time available you can also do a longer hike of over an hour in this park.

The second being at Cale Vasquez where our boat came to meet us at the famous arch.

Even if the hikes were short (15 min and 30 min), it was hot so it can feel harder. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and put on sun lotion.


Abseiling and cave exploring

So after the hike in Cale Vasquez, your adventure doesn’t stop there. You will get to put on a wetsuit. Next thing you will be abseiling all the way into the ocean and/or cliff jump the last few meters into it.

No worries If you a a bit scared of abseiling and the jump. The crew will get you to the entrance of the cave by a motorboat.

I don’t have good pictures in the cave, but let me tell you it was one hell of adventure. To enter the cave, you will have to crawl through a small getaway through the water. The guides will carefully guide you through it, so don’t be afraid.

After you enter you will think you are in another world. The helmet you wear has a light on it, so you really can feel like an explorer and investigator of all the pretty stalactites and stalagmites rock formations.

You will go through a cave labyrinth, with going up and down the rocks, swimming in water pools, etc… super cool!


Paddle surfing or kayak

As it was a first time for me to paddle surf it was quite something! I didn’t fell off it so I was quite happy! Enyojing a beautiful sunset while keeping my balance also helped to keep me calm haha!

If you really don’t want to try it (but I totally would recommend you should) then you can pick the safer option: kayak.

Either way you will have a great time, and it is the perfect place to take some sunset and group shots!


The food on board

Breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner are allll inclusive during the trip. You will have a personal onboard chef that will provide you with fresh, healthy and most delicious organic local food.

On the first night you will have a wine tasting with your dinner. I love wines, so learning more about local great wines was super interesting. And the food? The food was not only amazing, but every course was made for its wine individually. Not the other way around.

Every lunch and dinner you had some kind of starter, a main dish and a dessert! Dishes were mostly fish and veggies based and many fruits! But if you are vegetarian/vegan or have any special allergy, that is not a problem.

I don’t want to spoil menu’s much, but being in Spain and all, prepare to have delicious (if not the best ever) paella! Just check out the pictures below.

Our private chef was Javi, who deserves an other shout out! Go check his Instagram.


How I experienced it

Now that you know what you get, let me tell you how I experience this sailing trip in Mallorca.


So like I said I never went on a sailing trip before, only on short cruises. Like my cruise on the Nile. I was actually scared I would get seasick. I bought some natural ginger travel sickness pills just in case.

Against my expectations I never got sick. I was quite comfortable on the boat. Some people did get a bit sick, but nothing major.

The Boat?


The boat has double bed cabins and bunk bed cabins.

At first the sleeping cabin looked sooo small…and I had to share it with a stranger (As I went alone on this press trip I had to share it with an other girl, but we got along pretty quickly so I didn’t mind). But after you put your things in the compartments it is pretty ok! Besides you will only use the cabin to sleep really.

A tip: bring soft bags and no hard trolleys. Like this it is easier to storage your things

When you book for two off course you will not have this issue, and you can always book a cabin for yourself!


That was quite an experience! You can shower outside the boat, mostly after swims. And you can shower inside in your small bathroom. To do so, you will have to pull out the hose of the tap. Then you use it with your hand. After showering, the water will automatically drain out of the bathroom.

The toilet has a pumping system to pump what you leave behind into the boat tank below.

It is important to be cautions with water, as you have to share with others.

Deck/eating area

My favourite place on the boat was on top! Either way, both the sitting areas as the deck itself, were the best places to enjoy the sailing.

We also gathered at these places to eat, to chill and to chat (and to have small photoshoots).

The program and the group?

It felt complete, with a bunch of fun activities but also many lazy relaxed moments in between! For me the “adventures” were not too easy, not too hard, but just challenging enough. Starting the day with a yoga session was definitely a plus too!

Sailing with like minded people was so much fun, we got along so fast and had the greatest time! (We still have a group chat going to chitchat). I can say I made friends on the way, and I think if you are open to meeting new people that you will enjoy this trip to the fullest!

The food?

One word: AMAZING. I felt so healthy during these days, but still enjoyed every bite! One thing though… the food is served on Spanish hours, so keep in mind lunch and dinner could be quite much later than you are used to.

Final thoughts

I can’t express how much I enjoyed this trip, the crew, the group, the food, the fun moments and activities, the laughs, the sailing and swimming,.. Their eco-healthy like concept is very appealing and they pulled it off in a very relaxed and familiar way.

If you are looking for an unique and fun all-in sailing trips, you can’t go wrong with In Adventures!

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    • jessikat
      June 29, 2018 / 19:57

      Yess girl! It was one of mu best trips yet!!

  1. June 30, 2018 / 08:34

    Thanks for sharing so much information. Ideas like these are so useful for a hiking freak like me! Looking forward to going for this hike real soon! 🙂
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    Sounds so good!

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    Thanks for sharing that nice article. If you ever want to learn yoga but don’t know how? Then visit us. We’ll make it easy for you and more fun. Contact us on our website.

  4. August 25, 2018 / 10:10

    Mallorca is our favorite destination in the summertime. The Island has spots which is crowded by tourists, but luckily also a lot of places with mostly locals. Mallorca is an Island for everybody. If you are Young and want to party, it’s possible. If you are a family, lots of child friendly beaches. For couples, and food lovers like me, a lot of lovely restaurants. If you are here to be activated, also a lot of opportunities like hiking, cycling and the not so known sport geocaching, and of course all things in water-sports.
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  5. December 3, 2018 / 18:15

    Wow, thank you for sailing inspiration and tips! That post is amazing – photos are fantastic. Mallorca is my favorite destination, too. Place where you want go back again and again. 🙂
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    • jessikat
      December 5, 2018 / 18:39

      I really enjoyed it! Lucky it is very close to belgium and cheap to go there haha

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