How I organize my travel documents

How I organize my travel documents

For me it is very important to be prepared as much as I can before I leaving for a new adventure. I hate worrying about little things on the way. That is why I like to organize travel documents.

I will tell you how and which ones I like to have with me at all times. I use 2 main organizers: my document folder and my passport holder… yes yes I can rhyme, now take a look below

Are you already a pro in document organising already? Skip directly to my easy guide on becoming a pro trip planner.

My Document folder



I got this folder a while ago, but I always had similar items like this. You can find some nice ones one here. I love when it has a cool travel theme on it.

It is very practical as it has only 3 dividers: Boarding – Tickets – Others.

Under the Boarding I keep:

My printed boarding passes or my flight tickets if I still need to do a check-in at the airport.

In the Tickets I usually keep:

Tickets for transportation, concert/show tickets or all kind of entrance tickets I will need during the itinerary.

If I planned things to do before I leave, I print everything I need and put it in there. But when you go and find stuff to do on the spot, you can also put those tickets in here later on.

The last divider is “others“. There is where I keep all extra information and necessary things like:

– Transfer hours for airport shuttles/trains
– City maps
– Subway maps
– Information how to get to my accommodation
– Short review of planned itinerary
– My vaccination medical book
– Any insurance contact information
– Urgent medical support telephone number
– Embassy addresses and contact numbers



My Passport holder

It is very popular to get a passport holder with a print around your passport these days. I found mine with the Japanese Lucky Cat – or Maneki Neko – online and bought it right away. I love cute things, but moreover I love cute AND practical things.  You can store your passport in it to give it a harder protection, no puns intended.

On the inside you can also store some cards as it has a plastic cardholder on the sides. I usually put the ripped part of the boarding pass with the luggage stickers in there so I don’t lose it.

As the passport holder isn’t so big, it usually fits inside the document folder in the Boarding section, so I will only have one thing with ALL the important stuff.  Just remember to keep this one very safe. Like I am well organized, I am also very protective of valuable items.  But I NEVER keep money or credit cards in this folder. This stays in my wallet.

If you want to have your itinerary with you at all times and offline, check out how to make an itinerary pocket travel book.

~To be the safest: keep your money, passport, document folder always separately and well guarded ~

Want to have all the info you need during your itinerary offline? Make your own pocket travel book! I will show you how here!



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