DIY: Pocket itinerary travel book

DIY: Pocket itinerary travel book

As you can read on a prior post, I always keep my travel documents organized. Having an itinerary book with me at all times is a part of that. Before I go on a big trip I like to have all the information that I will be needing in one place and offline! Having a little pocket travel itinerary book is the perfect way to do it.

Now I share with you how to make one yourself! It is super easy and practical.

So let’s get started!

Step one: Get the materials

What you will need:

– A pocket size empty writing book
– some paperclips , in different colors if you want
– dividers or paper to make it yourself
– markers
– some tape
– Pens to write (best is to have 3 or 4 colors to make the divisions clear)

Step two: Decide your divisions or chapters

In general I like to have these chapters below in my lil book, so you can use them for inspiration:

1. Bucketlist

Sum up some things you really want to do when you get to your destination.

Make it a tick off list so it is more fun.

2. Itinerary

This is where you are going to plan out your itinerary.

A map

It helps to start with a map with your full route. You can draw it or make it on on the computer if you want. Or even printscreen from google maps. Whatever you like the best and how far your creativity takes you. Mark down your route on the map.

Day by Day Calender

Leave one page per day to have a calendar type of summary and overview on daily activities.

3. Destinations

This is a general chapter with each stop you will make on your route.

Depending on how many days you will stay at that destination, add enough blank pages for : your accommodation information, your transport and sightseeing ideas.

Add some paper clips so you can link the day on the itinerary calendar to the further details for that destination.

For example I will show you the one I am making for my upcoming South-Korea Trip below.

4. Budget

If you are a person who likes to keep your budget in check during a trip. I suggest to put on the first page  2 columns: one with the estimated cost and the other with the actual cost.

For example you put on the left side the estimated costs, or the maximum you want to spend on:

  • Flight ticket
  • Accomodation (per day / total)
  • Local transportation (all the large fees for train passes, and a small daily budget per city)
  • Sightseeing and activities fees
  • Food (also do it a per day price)
  • Extra
    (always put an extra budget for unforeseen matters or if you really want to buy that a-bit-too-much-but-I-need-it thing)

On the right side you write down the amount you really spend along the way.

If you really want to keep track of your expenses, you can keep a few pages blank to list up what you spend on each day.

5. Extra

All the extra info you will need on the way.

Extra info could be:

  • insurance telephone numbers
  • health insurance information
  • notes

Keep the travel book divisions general so you can use it for any trip. If you already know your next destination, then go all out with the decorations and extras specifically for that trip.



Step three: Crafting your Pocket Travel Itinerary Book

Writing down the info

So you will have to write these big chapters down. First you number them and then choose a color to write it down. Using colors is a quick way for the eye to identify the chapters.

Now you can write down the rest and fill in the rest along your planning:

  • name of the destinations/stops
  • hotels information: check in and check out times, address (also in the local language), price to pay (or already paid), telephone number,..
  • transportation information: station, type of travel, times, platforms if known, price of tickets, …
  • sightseeing spots: short description, opening times, prices, address, …

Deviding the parts

Use colored division stickers to stick on the right side with where you write down the chapter number. You can make it yourself with any colored paper and transparent tape.

After writing down the chapters, add 2 or 3 paperclips so it’s easy to open it on the right pages.


Finished and ready to go!





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  1. June 9, 2018 / 05:36

    This would be really handy thank you for sharing!

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