Daytrip from Cancun: Chichen Itza and Cenote Ik-Kil

Daytrip from Cancun: Chichen Itza and Cenote Ik-Kil

~ I am a World Wonder Collector and one of the less famous of the seven must be Chicken Pizza…
euh I mean Chichen Itza… The famous Mayan city with the Huge pyramid is a easy day trip from Cancun Mexico ~

I bet everybody knows Cancun! Specially the Americans know it as a top spring-break destination as it is relatively close to them. Don’t get me wrong, Cancun is great for beaches and relaxing/partying. But I am a person who always need to go explore something of the local culture to make my trip unforgettable. And knowing Chichen Itza is a world wonder, I could not let this opportunity fly.

If you are some short on time like I was, the best solution is to take one full day to drive more inland. If you plan to rent a car it is just a 2 hours drive from Cancun. However if you prefer not to/can not drive do not worry: many tours are offered to visit Chicken Pizza. You can book upfront or you can do it at your hotel/local tour operator.  And other popular tourist place I noticed lately is the Cenote Ik-Kil. Most tours combine these two, so you’ll have two flies in one hit.

Like all tours you gather the tourists by bus first and then drive to the site. I would suggest to pick the earliest one as the site can get super busy. Also around noon the sun gets REALLY HOT! Do not forget to put on or bring the sun lotion, not kidding here! One of the benefits of a tour is the guide! Specially if it is in English. Specially² if your guide looks so happy/adorable like this:

Mister Juan was one of my favorite guides till date. As he guided us through the site and its history I was amazed how well preserved the Yucatan city and its stone buildings still are. Many has been restored, but for a city active from 750 AD till around 1800 AD it’s pretty astonishing!

So below I will show some structures I saw. let’s start with the most famous: the Temple of Kulkan usually referred to as El Castillo ( the Castle) . This Step Pyramid is about 30 meters high and consists of nine square terraces.  As you look into the pictures of Chichen Itza you will notice the “snake”theme. Kulkan was the Yucatec Maya feathered Serpent deity they worshiped.

Next are parts of the Great Ball Court


One of my favorites: a horizontal stone wall “The Tzompanti“or the Skull Platform.


Here is Juan again next to the Venus Platform in the Grand Plaza.  The function of this platform was probably as podium for ceremonies, rites or dances.

When we returned to the entrance we saw some art/dance performance. I didn’t really ask what it was exactly. So if someone know please inform this noob. But they looked so cool! Mexican folklore is so colorful,  I love it.


So like I said before it got really hot around noon and after a while I was just looking for shades to stand under while mister Juan was explaining. After our visit to Chichen Itza  we went to the Cenote. It truly was just what I needed to cool off a bit! So for the ones that is wondering. “what is she talking about?”  I’ll just let the pictures explain…

It takes a short while to jump as there is a small queue, but it is worth it. The first time I was a bit afraid as it is actually kind of high/scary for a scary-cat like me. But I manage to jump in 4 times and to relax a bit in the water. This is a very touristic Cenote, but there are a few around you can explore with less tourists.

~To conclude: if you visit Cancun, please consider visiting this
Hot World Heritage site and cool off in a cenote afterwards
You won’t be disappointed!  My new friend, Lizzy Guana,  approves~




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