Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen: Top 5 scariest rides!

So I gave you guys some tips on what to see and do the first 2 days in Copenhagen. You can read my 48 hours City Guide here …but for the ones who love amusement parks, I would recommend you all to spend a day at Tivoli Gardens!   Even though I can be a […]

City Guide: 48 hours in Copenhagen

Boy I love city tripping in Europe! A city I’ve wanted to explore for a while was Copenhagen! We experienced first hand the expensiveness of the city but also the awesomeness. Known to be a very bike-friendly city, we rented a bike for 2 days and will gladly share with you the (cheap) places we […]

Day Trip to Bruges: Top 5 places you must see

One of Belgium’s most visited places is Bruges. It has always been very touristic, being called the little venice of Belgium, but since the movie “In Bruges” it really got famous. I have been there many years ago with school, but my boyfriend never been to Bruges. So we decided to take our free sunday […]

Rotterdam and Kinderdijk: A 2-day trip

~Everyone knows Amsterdam, the beautiful capital of the Netherlands. But an other city in Holland which I love to visit is Rotterdam. The city is a mix of old and new architecture that really goes well together. Nearby the city you can find an UNESCO World heritage site: Kinderdijk, with 19 windmills aligned together. As Rotterdam is […]

Why Zao Fox Village is NOT the cutest place on earth

~I visited many animal spots in Japan, and I will be talking about them for sure. If you read my itinerary  you noticed that I didn’t mention anything about Zao Fox Village. But I did visit… and that is why I am writing about it now  ~ You must have seen those videos passing through your […]