Rotterdam and Kinderdijk: A 2-day trip

~Everyone knows Amsterdam, the beautiful capital of the Netherlands. But an other city in Holland which I love to visit is Rotterdam. The city is a mix of old and new architecture that really goes well together. Nearby the city you can find an UNESCO World heritage site: Kinderdijk, with 19 windmills aligned together. As Rotterdam is […]

A romantic break in Venice

I never put Venice as a priority to my must see. Sure… riding a gondola is a typical must do, and on my bucket list, but I wasn’t in a hurry. It was until last year I started seeing many pictures of Venice on Instagram and fell in love with it some more. My 2nd […]

The food fight of La Tomatina

What is La Tomatina? For the ones who heard of La Tomatina before, yeayyy. For the ones who is asking “What is this tomato you are talking about??” Well, La Tomatina is a yearly festival in the town of Buñol -close to Valencia, Spain- where thousands and thousands of people gather to throw tomatoes at […]