Why Zao Fox Village is NOT the cutest place on earth

~I visited many animal spots in Japan, and I will be talking about them for sure. If you read my itinerary  you noticed that I didn’t mention anything about Zao Fox Village. But I did visit… and that is why I am writing about it now  ~ You must have seen those videos passing through your […]

How to travel Japan by train

~ Travelling by train in Japan is a very easy way to discover as much as you can of Japan, without paying expensive domestic flights. It is the land of the Shinkansen, the high speeds trains that are frequent and can take you anywhere you want ~ Embarking… The best way for us for travelling easy and […]

21-day itinerary Japan for First-timers and Animal Lovers

~ I always been a big fan of Japan. As a teen I got interested in Japanese culture, music and their TV shows (Jdoramas). So after 10 years of dreaming I finally put this dream vacation into motion and started pointing out my itinerary~ As a big animal lover and knowing Japan has some pretty special animal […]