Who’s Jess?


~ Hi all ~

I’m Jessica, but you can call me Jess

You might wonder where my blog name comes from. Well, JESSIKATRIPS is a mix of word plays. First it combines my name with “kat”, Dutch for cat, as I am a big cat lover. Then it combines my name with Trips, which is my biggest passion.

I love to plan and go on trips. Doesn’t matter if it is a day trip to the zoo or a month trip to a new continent. And come on let’s be honest, the word trips sounds much cooler than travels! So yes… you can say Jessica will be tripping all over.


I was born and raised in Brazil, moved to Belgium when I was 8.  Hence the Dutch part of the name. It was on that very first flight to the other side of the world that my passion for airplanes and travel awoke.

As a teen, when I was about 15 years old, I started working  in a snack bar on the weekends. Doing this I was able to save up money and go on bigger travels during my summer breaks from school.

After high school I studied Tourism and Recreation Management and got my bachelor degree in it. And after graduating I sparkled up my passion for flying some more by working as a cabin crew member for 2 years.

Currently I am working at a hotel and using all of my free and spare days for discovering some more of our beautiful planet.



In my 30 years, I have been to 34 countries and many cities, as I love to do some city tripping. About 3 years ago I started writing down my bucket list and have been using it as my travel bible ever since. My life goal is to check off as many items on that list as this lifetime permits.


My blog goal is to share my travel bucket list progress with you all, along side with some tips and guides from my experiences.

Hereby I would like to officially invite you all to join me on this journey…

Contact me here   if you want to ask me questions or advice, work with me
or just to say “Hi I am in Belgium!”

~Good vibes only. Jess meowt~