My safari in Cape Town: looking for The Big 5

~The buffalo, the leopard, the elephant, the rhino and the lion… according to hunters the five most difficult animals to hunt on foot… Well you can just call it marketing now, but it sure works to make safari popular to tourists! ~   Planning my trip to Cape Town South Africa I knew I wanted to […]

Exploring the Iguaçu Falls on my own

~Being a proud Brazilian I was a bit ashamed I haven’t visited the famous Iguaçu falls before ~ So during my family visit in 2014 I really wanted to go. Everyone in my family already went, so I had to go alone.  Lucky the falls are at the border of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. Paraguay is […]

How I organize my travel documents

  I am a tidy person and one of my number important rules of travelling is: ~ keep all your documents and essentials well organized together ~ For me it is very important to be prepared as much as I can before I leaving for a new adventure. I hate worrying about little things on […]